Data Solutions for Manufacturers

NASGW SCOPE specializes in data collection and business analytics for shooting sports manufacturers 

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Distribution Business Management

SCOPE DLX supports your business in two-step distribution with data. See how your business stack up against $6 Billion in annual shipments and the largest volume of inventory available. 

Benefits SCOPE DLX:

  • Weekly Distributor Shipment Reports
  • Market Trends and Share Analysis
  • Quantity-on-Hand and Share Analysis
  • Product Sell-Through Rates
  • Geographic Shipment Data


Point-of-Sale Analytics

NASGW has integrated CustomerLink Exchange, originally created by AcuSport Corporation, with SCOPE to collect and analyze retail point-of-sale (POS) data. SCOPE CLX offers manufacturers insight into consumer demand in-store in partnership with distributors, POS providers and retailers.

Benefits of SCOPE CLX:

  • Sales Summary Reports
  • Trends at Point-of-Sale
  • Product Rank Reports
  • New Product Reports
  • Store Count and Distribution

How can SCOPE support your business?

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