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Distribution Business Management

SCOPE DLX supports your business in two-step distribution with data. See how your business stack up against $6 Billion in annual shipments and the largest volume of inventory available.

Benefits SCOPE DLX:

  • Weekly Distributor Shipment Reports
  • Market Trends and Share Analysis
  • Quantity-on-Hand and Share Analysis
  • Product Sell-Through Rates
  • Geographic Shipment Data
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Point-of-Sale Analytics

SCOPE CLX offers distributors insight into consumer demand and product sales trends at the retail level, with sales from over 500+ locations across the nation. Complements insights from SCOPE DLX.

Benefits of SCOPE CLX:

  • Sales Summary Reports
  • Trends at Point-of-Sale
  • Product Rank Reports
  • New Product Reports
  • Query-based Store Count
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Industry Data Standardization

Standardizing product data has long been a need in the shooting sports industry. SCOPE PLX allows users to onboard products in one place in a consistent, standardized format and distribute that product information across the industry.

Benefits of SCOPE PLX:

  • Industry Standardization
  • Single Entry Product On-boarding
  • Product Data Distribution
  • Manage all Products in One Location

Distributor Partners

Wholesalers play a pivotal role in the shooting sports industry.

They support the manufactures and retailers in a variety of ways. They are also the backbone of SCOPE and are the ones who have brought all of this data together, including their own sales and inventory data, for the benefit of the greater industry.